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Three Giraffes and an African Acacia Tree, Painting by Shirley Reade

Safari ©

30" x 40 " Canvas with 1 3/4 Deep Edge
(unframed) Acrylic $1700

Giraffes' favorite food is the new leaves and twigs of the acacia tree. Giraffes can go a long time without drinking, instead getting water from the leaves they eat. They are the tallest land animals and can browse foliage beyond the reach of all other grazers except elephants. Their long, muscular tongues help them strip leaves from thorny trees.

Just about all parts of an acacia tree are edible to one kind of animal or another, and in many parts of Africa their small leaves provide the only greenery in the dry season. You can find many other interesting facts about the 700 species of acacia trees on

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